An Extensive Overview of the Occupations in Icarus M

Step into the fascinating world of Icarus M, a mobile MMORPG developed by Wemade Entertainment. This game draws inspiration from the renowned PC game “Riders of Icarus” and brings players to a realm of magic, excitement, and intense battles. One of the primary features of Icarus M is its wide and intriguing occupation system. In this guide, we will look into the five main vocations offered in the game: Guardian, Archer, Shadow Assassin, Wizard, and Artist. Every job has its own exceptional abilities, talents, and flaws, giving gamers a plethora of picks to fit their gaming approach.

The Invincible Protector: Guardian

Guardians in Icarus M are especially good at close-quarters fighting, exhibiting great physical strength for defensive purposes and powerful strikes for offensive ones. Their skill at hand-to-hand combat ensures the safety of their allies and inflicts considerable harm on adversaries.

The Guardian’s most renowned attributes demonstrate their power:

– Shield Strike (Active Skill): Summoning three shields to guard oneself and inflicting harm on nearby foes.

– Punishing Strike (Active Skill): Inflicting harm by forcefully stomping the ground. After three employments, it evolves into Punishment Cleave.

– Punishment Cleave: A skill which inflicts damage and sends enemies flying through the air.

– Earth Shatter (Combo Skill): With a powerful sword swing, the user lunges forward and slams the ground, dealing enormous damage to the enemies in front.

Archery: Skilful Accuracy

Archery is an art form that requires both precision and swiftness. It is a skill that involves accurate target-striking while using speed and agility. To practice this art, one must be able to use the bow and arrow in an effective way to achieve the desired result. The ability to accurately hit the target with speed and accuracy is what makes a successful archer.

Long-range combat fans might find the Archer to be an excellent pick. In Icarus M, Archers fire off arrows to disable any threats with their precise and consistent shots. Their nimbleness and capacity to stun opponents make them a formidable opponent in any battle.

One of the Archer’s most distinguished talents is their exactness in skill:

– Diffusion Arrows (Active Skill): Firing off five arrows that cause significant damage. Recharge Time: 8 seconds.

– Precision Shot (Active Skill): It causes substantial harm to opponents. After three activations, it is converted to Rapid Shot. Recharge period: 10 seconds.

– Rapid Shot (Conditional Ability): Inflicting sizable harm to adversaries and suspending them in the air.

– Starlight Pierce (Active Ability): At level 10, this basic attack has the potential to immobilize adversaries for a period of 3 seconds.

– Dragon Wave (Combination Attack): At level 10, it is capable of causing 281.7% damage to a target and inflicts them with a 10-second bleeding effect.

Stealthy Menace: The Shadow Assassin

Within the darkest of places, the Shadow Assassin is a force to be reckoned with for their skill in being both discreet and swift. Although their strikes may not be the strongest, their speed and accuracy make them a formidable presence. In Icarus M, these assassins excel in close-quarters combat, taking out their targets rapidly with their swift movements and pinpointing strikes. Their capability to avoid being seen and unleash extreme combos make them a silent but lethal adversary.

The agility and accuracy of the Shadow Assassin are their most remarkable talents.

– Moonlight Slash (Active Skill): Executing a combo of six strikes in quick succession from different angles, with the fourth, fifth, and sixth hits dealing 50%, 100%, and 150% damage respectively.

– Crescent Kick (Active Skill): Executing four strikes of 36.6% damage to the target, jumping and attacking downwards. After using the skill three times, it will transmogrify into Half Moon Kick.

– Leaf Fall (Conditional Skill): Capturing a target that is up in the air and making them drop, inflicting 422.4% damage. Additionally, it causes 120% damage in the area around the point of impact.

– Whirlwind Slash (Combo Skill): This skill begins with a powerful kick followed by a set of lightning-fast slashes, causing harm to the user and nearby enemies alike in a series of five strikes.

The Elemental Sorcerer: Wizardry At Its Finest

The craft of Wizardry has been around for centuries, and with it comes the power of Elements. A Wizard is one who has the ability to wield these Elements to achieve incredible feats. From controlling the weather to creating powerful illusions, the Elemental Sorcerer can perform a variety of powerful spells. Whether it is used for good or bad, the power of Wizardry is one that should not be taken lightly.

A Wizard is a powerful mage who can use the elements to their advantage. They are formidable opponents, with the capacity to scorch foes with fire or freeze them with ice from a distance. As a part of a group, a Wizard can be an invaluable asset, wreaking havoc while also keeping a grip on the situation.

One of the most distinctive abilities exhibited by the Wizard is their aptitude in manipulation of the elements:

– Active Skill: Fireball – A massive fireball is conjured from the heavens to devastate enemies.

– Ice Shards (Active Skill): A technique that freezes the water molecules below foes, stuns them, and causes damage. After three applications, it morphs into Ice Cone Barrage.

– The Ice Cone Barrage, a conditional skill, has the ability to utilize frost to encase foes and inflict 198.6% damage.

– Flame Rain (Active Skill): Engaging in a three-part attack. The first step is to bring about a deluge of fire, the second is to invoke flaming orbs from the sky, and the third is to employ powerful holy flames, causing immense damage to any adversaries in the vicinity.

– Dance of Flame (Combined Ability): Seven strikes of 41.2% power are inflicted by a burning column.

A Creative Force: The Artist

In a place combining artistry and battle, the Artist stands out as a captivating career choice. Though they may seem delicate and cute, the Artist can use their large paintbrush to create a variety of imaginative and destructive maneuvers.

The Artist is known for their inventive aptitude and remarkable abilities:

– Bear’s Authority (Active Ability): Calling forth a painted bear’s paw to hit the adversary.

– Master of the Sea (Active Skill): By tracing a shape of a shark with colored ink, one will cause the shark to appear and attack adversaries. After a trio of uses, it will evolve into God’s Power.

– Divine Strength (Conditional Ability): Calling forth a colossal shark from the earth to assault foes and leave them hanging in midair.

– Blossoming (Combo Skill): Representing the development of flowers, from sprouts to seedlings to soaring trees, each phase causing harm to opponents.


In Icarus M, players must select a profession, which will determine their playstyle and how they achieve success. Being aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each profession, as well as the special abilities associated with it, allows gamers to make an educated decision and maximize the potential of their character. The Redfinger Android Emulator can be used to experiment with various playstyles, perfect the nuances of the class they have chosen, and travel on an exciting quest in the fantasy realm of Icarus M.

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