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How to Create a Content Strategy Example

Jimmy McLaughlin has left the Animalz to start a job board for content marketers. Most content strategies focus on brand awareness and traffic generation, but Animalz publishes content in support of its sales funnel. Its buyer Marketingproof personas are senior, and the topics are strategic rather than tactical. This approach is useful for any time frame, from one day to one year.

To begin, determine what content your audience is looking for. This will help you focus your content strategy. For example, a financial institution might want to create a pillar page and cluster content about money management. However, it’s important to networldking52 keep in mind that money management is a broad topic. You could create a long pillar page for this topic, and then split the rest of the content into subcategories.

You can also use simple tools to help you create a content strategy. DemandJump helps you determine which content topics should be thedailynewspapers  prioritized. These tools are available to most businesses. But remember that creating a strong content strategy is a process. You must continue to refine your strategy and evaluate it in order to make it effective. Ultimately, your business strategy must remain relevant to your target audience.

The best content strategy includes tvwish clearly defined goals and performance metrics. These will keep your strategy focused and track the results. You’ll also need to develop a buyer persona to help you identify your target audience. SEO is r7play also a major factor, and it is essential to have a solid keyword research strategy.

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