Who is the Dumbest Character in Game of Thrones?

We could debate whether or yourjobnews not Sansa is the stupidest character, but the fact is that her execution is a definite no. In fact, Sansa is so stupid she’s not even in the running for the title of’stupidest character’ in Game of Thrones. The stupidest character on the show is perhaps the one that dies the most – Bran Stark. He was taken to a brothel, where he died as a hostage. In this scene, Bran was six or seven years old, so we’re not sure how he got so big.

Rickon is another obvious choice for the title, but he’s been more of a plot device than a character. Euron Greyjoy has been hyped as the second coming of Ramsay Bolton. Even Pilou Asbaek said before the seventh season premiered careerpioneer that Euron would look like Ramsay. Euron is a toothless villain. He’s killed a few Greyjoys, but otherwise, he’s been a total dud. His only contribution to the show’s fear factor has been his deceitful behavior.

Aside from those twisted plots, Game of hertube Thrones is also an excellent show to teach viewers about consequences and responsibilities. Unlike some other shows, Game of Thrones emphasizes the importance of intelligence, so it’s important to remember that while the show does have some stupid characters, they’re never really dumb. As a getcareergoal result, the stupidest character in Game of Thrones is still Sansa Stark starmusiq.

In the Season 5 finale, Littlefinger was the stupidest character in the show. This character tried to sell Sansa Stark to the Boltons. Then, he sold Sansa to a sadistic torturer. His petty actions were ultimately defeated by Sansa, and he was eventually killed. It’s not hard to figure out who the stupidest character is.

In the series, Theon Greyjoy may be the stupidest character, but his behavior in the show is a definite no. He murdered two young Stark boys by pretending to be their younger sons, and was tortured by Ramsay Bolton, a sadistic bastard. Afterwards, Theon refers to himself as “Reek” because of the torture.

Tyrion Lannister: Another character makeidealcareer that was ridiculed for being an idiot was Tyrion. Despite his strange family name and appearance, Tyrion was the smartest character in the show. However, Tyrion ratted out Varys to Daenerys because he was afraid. Unlike Theron, Tyrion didn’t go through a dramatic trauma, and only stood up to Daenerys after a bloody wedding. However, his character development is not the best, and the show creators haven’t done a great job with it webtoon.

Varys: A character known for his intelligence, Varys made a huge mistake in the series. His decision to go to Tyrion to discuss his relationship with venturebeat Daenerys was stupid. He was also a jerk, but the result was the same: Daenerys was saved. Nevertheless, she deserved revenge. The stupidest character of the series was a cruel, jobexpressnews one-dimensional character.

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