Why Are There No Black People on Game of Thrones?

The question, “Why are there no black people on Game of Thrones?” may seem like an impossible one to answer. There are some interesting exceptions to this rule, however. For example, there was a black guy who wanted to marry Daenerys, but he disappeared after talking about how he wished he could marry Cersei. But if you ask a black person who is a fan of the show, they’ll probably say there are no such things on Game of Thrones.

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There are two notable exceptions to this rule, however. The first was the character Xaro, who was thirsty for Daenerys in season 2. And the second exception is the pirate and mercenary Salladhor Saan. The black characters were also heavily represented in the books, but their role in the storyline was very limited. The other exceptions were the actors who played characters with darker skin, such as Jaqen Hauer in season two.

In Season 4, the showrunners responded to the concern over race by portraying the slaves as more diverse. For example, Daenerys speaks to slaves who are half black and half white. And the Great Masters of Meereen are played by a mixture of white and non-white actors. So how does Game of Thrones deal with race? In a word, it’s a good thing for the show.

Another recent example is the recent announcement by GoT creators that they will produce a Confederate version of the show. The Confederate project assumes that the south won the American civil war and slavery never ended. This was met with widespread social media anger and was subsequently postponed indefinitely. However, it’s not the only reason. But the recent lack of black characters on Game of Thrones is an unintentional consequence of the show’s whiteness.

As the Westerosi princess Daenerys’s family had no black people in their kingdom, we can assume that they were all civilised, if only by their white parents. We must be careful about reading too much into that – there are so many people of color who want to see more diversity on the show. If you’re looking for a more accurate representation of the world, consider reading this article by Saladin Ahmed.

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Another example is the Lannister family. In the first season, Tywin Lannister personally led the Lannister army that rampaged King’s Landing. In the next episode, Jorah remarks that there were more women raped than men, while Tyrion recalls a terrifying incident of gang-raped people. So why are there no black people on Game of Thrones??

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